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Client Consultation

The first stage of a design-build job begins with an initial meeting between the client and our project manager. During this phase, we focus on understanding your needs, preferences, and budget. We will ask you detailed questions to better understand your desired layout, taste, style, and goals for your project. Forming a clear vision of the project from the early stages is essential to ensure it aligns with your expectations and desires, and is well expressed in the construction process.


Design and Planning

In the second stage, the information from the client is translated into a preliminary sketch and design, and an estimate is provided to assess the scope of work for the entire project. Once the estimate is accepted by the client, our designers, architects, and engineers will create detailed blueprints, incorporating your wishes while adhering to building codes. Construction and design documents are created to visualize the future outcome. After several feedback sessions and refinements, a detailed project plan with timelines and cost estimates is developed.


permits & execution

The final stage is the approval and execution of the project. This phase involves approving blueprint plans with the municipal authority and securing building permits. This entire process is monitored by us to ensure seamless collaboration between all professionals and city departments. After final approval, the job can be set on schedule and the building process can begin. Our project managers oversee the work to ensure it stays on schedule and meets quality standards. Regular updates and site visits are mandated to ensure clients are informed and satisfied until the construction is completed.


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