Backyard Makeover Design Guide: Pools – Landscape – Hardscape

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Considering building a new pool and feeling perplexed about how to start the process? In this series of articles, we will provide you with everything you need to know, from the first baby step all the way to diving headlong into your dream pool! Let’s get started!

Always Define it Better- Visionaries get better results!

Knowing what you want and what you need is crucial before starting any construction job! Ask yourself defining questions to help you build a better vision: Is the pool mainly for kids, adults, the whole family, or for sports and exercise? What is the size of the pool that you want? These questions will help you form a clear vision for your future pool.

Know Your Zoning Laws and Yard Conditions

Before you start digging or even calling for estimates, make sure your property is abiding by zoning ordinances for pools. Many cities have maintenance and liability laws for new swimming pools.

Moreover, understanding the preliminary conditions such as slope, soil type, and accessibility for construction equipment will also be a factor in pricing out the pool. Generally, it is much easier to install pools on a flat and leveled surface. Severe conditions such as a sloped lot, rocky soil, and limited access require special equipment and handling, typically making the project longer and more expensive.

Set a Budget and Timeframe

Pools and outdoor living spaces can be very pricey. Sharing your budget with your contractor upfront will help to better design your project according to your budget. Factors like the size of the pool, materials to be used, and pool fixtures will be recommended based on your available funds. Lot and land conditions might also take a portion of your budget. It’s all about being realistic and meeting expectations when getting a pool design that fits within your budget.

As summer begins and it gets hotter, timeframes for fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools can be very enticing. However, if you’re looking for a fully custom pool, you may need to allow more time for the project, as Concrete, Gunite, and Shotcrete pools usually span between 4 to 6 weeks. If your vision includes landscaping and hardscaping, it can extend to 8 weeks or more!

Make a Detailed 3D Design

Before you make your new investment in your backyard, 3D rendering is essential to form a crystal-clear view of your project’s finished product expectations. This allows you to visualize your options before committing to the build. Quality 3D rendering not only transfers ideas into realistic sight but also includes details and comments to ensure it will be transformed and executed to reality on-site. Hiring a design-build firm for this endeavor is often the right decision to ensure full collaboration between clients, crews, and designers.

Moving Forward not Backwards

Once you’ve decided on and signed off on your future backyard design, pay close attention when construction begins and continues, as there’s limited room for modifications. Although some changes can be accommodated during construction, they are often very expensive. Therefore, ensure you are fully aware of all the details of your project.

Don’t Forget the Rest

Would you prefer palms for shade from the afternoon heat or a some green turf to blend with the reflecting blue water around the pool? Just like any other features and accessories, thoughtful landscaping can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool area. Look for inspiration online and consider to leave some room in the budget for some landscape and hardscape design.

Table of Contents

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